Lancer Systems 300BLK L5AWM 10RD Magazine - Translucent Smoke

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10 Schuss Magazin von Lancer

Extra für die .300BLK

Material Kunststoff

Farbe Translucent Smoke (Grau Durchsichtig)

Bodenplatte FDE Braun

Magazinlippen Stahl

Von Lancer extra gebaut um mit schweren Geschossen (200grs+) klarzukommen!


The L5AWM 300BLK magazine has been specifically engineered for use with heavy subsonic .300 Blackout ammunition, particularly with 200+ grain projectiles. The updated internal magazine geometry allows these longer heavier bullets to stack properly, which increases feeding reliability when compared to a traditional .223/5.56 magazine. The outside of the mag body is molded with distinctive .300 Blackout markings and the magazine ships with a contrasting flat dark earth floor plate for easy visual identification.

NOTE: These magazines have been specifically designed and optimized to alleviate the stacking and feeding issues commonly experienced when running 200+ grain subsonic .300BLK cartridges in standard .223/5.56 magazines. If you are shooting lightweight supersonic .300BLK ammunition (<150gr), we recommend using a standard .223/5.56 L5AWM magazine.