SI Ultra Light Pivot / Takedown Pins

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Leichte Take Down Pins von Strike Industries

aus Aluminium, daher ideal für den Bau von besonders leichten Gewehren


For those chasing the ultimate in lightweight builds, the Strike Industries Ultra Light take down and pivot pins is perfect for those looking for a cost effective, but durable solution. We understand ounces add up to pounds, and now offer our popular EPTP design in one of the lightest solutions on the market. The Ultra Light pivot and takedown pins are precision CNC machined from billet 7075 aluminum for durability. Give up nothing but the weight with the SI Ultra Light Takedown and Pivot Pins.

Package include
- 1 x Extended Pivot pin
- 1 x Extended Take down pin

- Extended Pivot Pin / Length: 1.31”
- Extended Takedown Pin / Length: 1.08”
- Weight: 0.20 oz net, 0.46oz gross
- Ultra Light, ultra strong aircraft grade aluminum construction.
- Extended grasping surface

- Colorline anodized finish