Strike Industries Flat Top Overmolded Grip 15°

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Alternativer Griff für AR15 (und baugleiche, Chassis etc.) von Strike Industries.

Griffwinkel 15°

Grifffläche gummiert.

Staufach im Griff


The Strike Industries Flat Top Overmolded Pistol Grip (15-Degree) is a rubberized texture pistol grip for aftermarket Ruger® 10/22 stock/chassis, modern precision rifle chassis systems, AR’s and any weapon that does not use or want a beavertail grip. The specific dimensional design is made to be comfortable and compatible for a Ruger® 10/22 aftermarket stock/chassis platform, but will fit any modern bolt-action rifle chassis that can only use a flat top AR compatible pistol grip. Also for any AR-15 or AR-10 shooter who desires the most compact setup as possible with the 15-degree grip angle for a confined space operation or PDW setup. Similar to the SI AR Overmolded Pistol Grip, this flat top has the same surface which improves control of your weapon. The grip is more streamlined and tapered where the webbing of the hand goes to allow more range of movement of the firing hand when accessing the controls. It has enough width in the palm area to maximize comfort during extended use when used with chassis system like a 10/22 or bolt rifle. This grip includes all the installation hardware needed for a new build or to completely replace an existing pistol grip and features a secure storage underneath with an included rubber grip plug. Enhance your AR, Ruger® 10/22 or precision rifle chassis with this Strike Industries Flat Top Overmolded Pistol Grip (15-Degree) designed to give you improved comfort and control.


  • Dimensional designed for aftermarket Ruger® 10/22 stock/chassis
  • Modern precision bolt-action chassis using AR style pistol grip
  • AR-15 and AR-10 lower receivers
  • Optional Strike Pistol Grip Plug Tool Holder