Strike Industries Link Angled QD Sling Mount

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QD Öse von Strike Industries.

Lässt sich an KeyMod und MLOK montieren

Läuft parallel zur Rail mit 30Grad

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Compatible with both KeyMod and MLOK, our Link Angled QD mount offers a natural push and pull installation/removal alongside the rail at 30 degrees instead of driving the QD socket 90 degrees flat into the rail. Once installed, the Link Angled QD retains an unobtrusive angle while slung to avoid binding with other firearms accessories and support hand while in the firing position.

30 degree QD mount with anti-rotation built in
Angled for easier ergonomic placement & accessibility
Durable aircraft grade aluminum construction
Low-profile, snag-free, and features the LINK mounting system (M-Lok and Keymod compatible)

Product Spec (Dimensions):
Length: 35 mm
Height: 14 mm
Width: 16 mm
Weight: 0.3 oz
Keymod Slots needed for install: 3
M-Lok Slots needed for install: 1

Package includes:
1x Link AQD mount
1x Link T-Nut and allen screw
1x blue thread locker packet